Recovery Begins

Family members convinced my uncle to go to Dr. D’Adamo’s clinic in Connecticut. He got an appointment to see Dr. Nash on September 8, 2010.

For the several weeks until he got to the clinic, he was taking a variety of things we had read about online. He was taking B-17 pills and chewing apricot seeds like candy. You eat so much according to your body weight. They are bitter, so he ate them as he could. We also had him taking things suggested in the Blood Type Encyclopedia for liver cancer. He hates taking pills so this continued research did not excite him.

My mother had him taking:

Ginger Root
– 1100 mg.

– 1000 mg.

Turmeric – 800 mg

Vita – E Complex with selenium and grape seed extract

Bromelain – 500 mg.

Milk Thistle with Dandelion
and Artichoke extracts.

Omega Guard 1000 mg.

B-17 400-600 mg.

ARA6 1,750 mg.

Scienca (Turmeric, Quercetin, and Bromelain)

When he began taking B-17 he could feel vibrations in his liver. He said it felt like his cell phone vibrating. His sister said, “He had a quiver in his liver!”

The family grew concerned because He was having fatigue daily. He kept sitting down and falling asleep. Although he was still not in pain, one could see that he could not live long at this rate. He lost weight rapidly. Whenever he ate anything cold, his liver would hurt.

When his appointment arrived, close family accompanied him. Here are some of the tests they did:

The Genotype test measures your body size for your torso, hands, and legs. Combining this with his blood type and his secretor status (a certain variant in blood types). He took a taste test to find his response to certain foods (included in the genotype test). He ranked as “slight taster.” On the D’Adamo test, he ranked as “Nomad.”

He also had a glucose drink that tasted like maple syrup. Dr. Nash asked if he wanted to wash it down with water, but since he hadn’t eaten any lunch, he told her he preferred to keep the taste in his mouth! He blew into their machine, and 15 minutes later, he had to do it again 2 more times. This determined if he had any bacteria in his body. He was clear.

They gave him an electronic body scan. My husband went through a scan like this at a natropath’s office once and they put a sensor band around his forehead. The computer program scans your body, determines what’s wrong, what supplements you need, and how much. It beats what conventional doctors can do with blood work in some ways.

He took a fingerprint test. Someone threatened to turn him in to the FBI! He appreciated that someone had a bit of humor when the medical profession has given him only 5 years to live. His fingerprints revealed white streaks that show unhealthy eating, i.e. eating foods bad for your type. They said those lines will disappear as he eats correctly. For kicks, fingerprint yourself and see if you have any white lines cutting across the swirls.

To have a diet that’s specifically formulated just for you they need to analyze your family history as well. They need to calculate who in your family has what diseases. Typically, the questions go as high up as your grandparents and as wide as your siblings, perhaps a cousin or two. This will enable a better analysis of your genes and if you have inherited health problems. There are pages and pages of questions on your family history. If you would like to take the SWAMI test (which you can do at home) and have adoptive parents, first find your roots to help get a better idea of possible old age issues you may face.

Conventional medicine. My Uncle was on many different types of medications given to him by his regular medical physician. Dr. Nash removed him from his medications, except for his blood thinner pill. My Uncle has taken blood thinners for two years.

Dr. Ginger Nash prescribed this:

For one week:

Typhoid vaccine – 1 capsule every other day.

ClearCal – 1 capsule every other day (this is Dr. D’Adamo’s calcium product and, by far, the best I’ve ever taken).

Espresso shots – 3 shots in a cup of coffee every other day. This was his first time drinking coffee.


Berberine – 200mg 1 capsule 2/day

ARA6 – 2 Tablespoons 3/day (this is a super high immune booster that works on the cellular level—another product formulated by Dr. D’Adamo)

Radix Scutellaria
. – 1 capsule 2/day

Green Tea – 1 cup daily. They have him taking Mr. Itaru’s Green Tea. This is the richest, almost addictive green tea. If you have a bad coffee habit, start your morning with Mr. Itaru and get some healthy RPMs cranking.

Laetrile or B-17. They took him off of all the vitamins that my Mom had him taking including the B-17 and apricot seeds. They told him that he had enough cyanide in his system to kill everything! Cyanide is present in apricot seeds and B-17. Your healthy cells contain Rhodanese which when the cyanide comes to destroy the cell it cannot because Rhodanese changes its structure to something like an aspirin. A cancer cell does not contain Rhodanese therefore has no protection against the cyanide and dies.

Many times if a cancer patient is in pain they will notice an immediate change in their level of pain once starting on B-17 and apricot seeds. One lady in our town couldn’t get out of bed with her brain tumor until taking apricot seeds. Then next week she was doing housework the next.

Ongoing progress. My uncle does a castor oil compress everyday on Dr. Nash’s orders. He puts the Castor Oil on a piece of material made from cotton or wool. He warms the cloth in the microwave and lies with it on his stomach for 1 hour. He keeps it warm with a heating pad. He finds it relaxing.

Noticeable improvements
Once he started eating according to his genotype and taking the prescribed supplements, everyone noticed a change. He did not get tired so easy. In fact he’s been chopping wood, cleaning out cabinets, chopping more wood, up and down a ladder fixing the roof, and living a normal life. Anyone watching would have no idea he had a giant tumor in his liver. In addition to energy levels, his “quiver in the liver” is gone and cold stuff does not bother him.

You should have seen how his old doctor responded to him dropping the medication. More on that, next time.


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