How I fought Tetanus naturally

I experienced and conquered the symptoms of tetanus (by the grace of God) after stepping on a rusty nail. Tetanus symptoms began to show up within a short time of this deep puncture wound, and I sought out natural remedies and herbal or holistic alternatives to treat it. Since, I lived to tell the story, I thought someone else asking the question, “How do I know if I have tetanus?” or “How do you treat tetanus?” might benefit from what I learned. Here’s the story:

Day 1
I stepped on a rusty, dirty nail in a board hidden under leaves in the woods. The rusty nail punctured deep into my foot, right between my two smallest toes. The nail made such a deep cut, it nearly poked out of the top of my foot. Looking back, I wish it had. After I pulled the nail out, I did not realize it had left flakes of rusty metal and pieces of leaf inside. The moral of this story is: Clean deep wounds thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide.
This was the last day of moving, and I had been cleaning up the edge of the yard when this happened. I had kept first aid supplies on hand until the day before, but since I had nothing on hand at that moment, I pulled off my shoe and sock to let the wound bleed. I had heard that if the wound bled enough it would wash out most bacteria and be less likely to get tetanus. I do not bleed very well in general, but this time I really bled. Still, I got tetanus. It took me an hour to get somewhere I could tend the puncture wound. By then, it had begun to heal and I could not get peroxide very deep into the cut. What I should have done at this point was dug a pointed object into the wound and opened it back up so I could flush it out with water and then peroxide. Then I should have soaked it in boric acid water and Epsom salts. The main failure here, however, was not getting the wound thoroughly clean, right away.
By evening, my left foot felt weird. I could see a red area on top of my foot, but it was not hot. It felt agitated and bruised more than infected. I could feel activity in my lymph vessels like something was surging through my lymphatic system on the side where I had stepped on the nail.

Day 2
I had a hard time concentrating on writing and study. Physical labor seemed to help distract me. I felt nauseous and vomited later on. By evening, I felt okay. I considered getting a tetanus shot, but shrugged it off, having endured many nails in the past that never led to anything serious (I used to roofing).

Day 4

I noticed pulsations in my hand like my muscles were flexing on their own. That night I was trying to finish remodeling a bedroom, and began to feel strange. My heart would race and my shoulders began aching. I am not overweight, and I have never had blood pressure or pulse problems before, so this alarmed me. I worked until 2 AM and decided to do a web search on my symptoms. I read that muscle spasms and cramping were tetanus symptoms.
Worse yet, I learned that tetanus lives everywhere—in the dirt, on wood, in the dust on the furniture. I also grimaced to learn that tetanus is more than just lockjaw, but it locks up all the skeletal muscles with severe cramping and seizures. People die in convulsions, gasping for air.
Now, I could not tell if my heart was beating rapidly from an infection or from fear. What I read told me that a high pulse was an early sign of this deadly disease. I told myself I was imagining things, and too much coffee, not tetanus, was to blame for my symptoms. Caffeine did not explain the pings and twitches in my muscles or the recurring chills I felt. I had not told my wife my concerns and did not think I should wake her at that moment. I finally went to bed at 4 AM. Unfortunately, I did not get much sleep from having to visit the bathroom multiple times as my body cleaned out all food and liquid.

Day 5
At 7 AM, I called a friend who is a midwife and former nurse. She told me to go to a walk-in clinic. She knew I should not play around with this disease. I called an express-care clinic and a nurse told me the tetanus shot was effective only within 72 hours of the cut or puncture wound (there is another shot you can get when hospitalized that will work after the 72 hour limit). My last tetanus shot had been 20 years before. My wife and I had taken my pulse by now, so I told the nurse my heart rate was over 120 beats per minute. She did not think I had tetanus but told me to come in anyway. I did not go in.
I found that walking helped slow my pulse and calm my nerves. That evening, I dug open the scab from the rusty nail wound. A gob of stuff came out of the deep wound. I saw no puss and felt no pain when I sprayed the peroxide. However, the hydrogen peroxide foamed a lot when I spray it inside. I tried to keep that foot bare and exposed so I would not have to wear a bandage. This allowed it to heal from the inside out. While cleaning out the deep wound like this, I should have probed further (in spite of the pain it would have caused). I missed a clump of leaves and dirt way up inside which would cause me problems later.

Day 6
I expected the worst when I woke up, but had no dramatic symptoms. I felt physically drained and uncomfortable with the idea that something else was living inside my body. After, lunch, my colon emptied itself right away along with something that looked like green bile.

Day 7
Another restless night. My calf muscle cramped up suddenly when I awoke. It felt like a Charlie horse, but when I stretched my leg the cramp went away. I had been fighting off little cramps like these all weekend. Once, when my infected foot cramped in the arch, I just let it constrict to see what would happen. It started to hurt, and then I flexed and it went away. Muscle twinges agitated my face. My eyelids felt like they wanted to flutter if I did not hold on, and my cheek muscles jerked and flexed. I figured this was lockjaw symptoms and I would lock up soon. All my strength was gone and I could not even undo a garden hose connection.
I went out to pick up natural remedies I had read about online. I tried Aconite, a homeopathic remedy. I got the 30C strength of the Aconite and held six or more of them under my tongue every fifteen minutes. My pulse slowed after a little over an hour of this, and my jaw stopped twitching. I talked to several natural and herbal health practitioners who said they had never dealt with tetanus. Online, I learned that only 50 people get tetanus per year. Most take the dT shot.

Day 8
I started having trouble with fingers and limbs going numb—as if my blood was not circulating properly. Sometimes I would wake up and not feel much of a heartbeat and then suddenly my heart would pound like a logger’s boot kicking down a door. I woke up this morning to a stiff neck and shoulders as if I were suffering whiplash. When I tried to move my head, it ached badly. I finally knew for sure I had tetanus.
While crying out to the Lord in prayer later that morning, I was interrupted by a return call from a naturopathic doctor who said, “Get some good colloidal silver and take a tablespoon three times a day. And get the NOW brand Beta Glucan, and take two capsules twice a day.” I tried to explain to him what I was taking and he said, “I don’t care. A tablespoon of the best colloidal silver you can find—three times a day, and two caps of Beta Glucan, only from NOW.”
I drove out and bought these items and went to TranquilMe for a massage therapy. My wife massaged my tight neck and shoulders with aromatherapy lavender oil in olive oil (I would probably use coconut as a carrier oil now). I also went to physical therapy treatment centreville va and had great results.

Day 9
I woke up to much less stiffness in my shoulders and neck, but the mid-section of my back had locked up now. Two read lines arched away from the spine and seemed to follow the ribs a bit. Any muscles that had cramped up on me got swollen or puffy.
We learned that tetanus systematically locks up the body muscles starting with the jaw, then the neck and shoulders, the back, the buttocks, the back of the legs, the front of the legs, and usually stops with the abdominal muscles and the diaphragm (breathing muscle). It stops here, of course, because a person suffocates by not being able to breathe any longer. We tried massaging the next muscle groups in advance to keep them from getting hit so hard.

Day 10
I could only process fruits and fruit juices because all other foods would purge out immediately at this point. New constriction on lower right side of my back and buttocks.

Day 11
Constriction came to my lower left back and upper legs. I kept taking aconite and hypericum to offset the symptoms of my high pulse. Aconite seemed to help a little, but the hypericum did not seem to do much. My heart felt mushy and uncomfortable.

Day 12
My heart hurt for a while this morning. My appetite returned at this point and began eating more grapefruit.

Day 13
My pulse returned to 70 and my heart felt more normal. My extremities had poor circulation still and would go numb if I sat in one position too long. Movement and stretches promote better blood flow, but nighttime made me nervous.
Pain in my abdomen indicated that my kidneys were hurting. This disease seemed to do a roll call my whole body.

Day 15
I had a recurrence of all the symptoms: stiff neck, sore back, mini spasms, and minor cramping in muscle groups for about an hour each, in succession.

Two weeks later
Had a bad itch between my toes near the area where the dirty, rusty nail punctured my foot and gave me tetanus. I looked and saw what looked like athlete’s foot (which I had not had seen since teen years). When I went to treat it, I found it was like a water blister. It popped open and let out pieces of leaves and dirt. This area had become a pocket of infection above where the wound had healed on the surface of the skin. This is why I say wound care is the most important part of preventing tetanus (most tetanus victims have been vaccinated).
Cleaning out the wound must have stirred up more tetanus toxins because I had another run of symptoms for a day or so. The tetanus disease is not the cause of the symptoms, but the toxins it creates. Those toxins affect the brain, as I understand it, and trigger certain nerves to make the muscles contract (the opposite of botulism toxins, which paralyze a person).


I am not giving medical advice to anyone. I am sure there are things you might be able to add to this to help someone else in the future. For reference, my daily supplements included:
Colloidal silver – 3 tablespoons of 50 ppm
Beta Glucan from NOW – 2 capsules
Vitamin C – a few   tablets because studies show Vitamin C can prevent death from tetanus,
Garlic – 5 capsules to fight infection
Olive leaf extract – 2 capsules to fight infection
Grapefruit Extract only from NOW
Bromelain and Calcium to reduce muscle pain
Fish Oil – 2 caps to clean the arteries and heal the heart
Milk thistle – 1 capsule daily to cleanse the liver

Also, Glucosamine sulfate with MSM, Colostrum, Oregano, and Echinacea.

I give all thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ who brought me through this ordeal and spared me from what could have been much worse. I also thank my wife for her moral support. I started by asking, “How do I know if I have tetanus?” and then “How do you treat tetanus?” Now I know how important it is to clean a puncture wound with hydrogen peroxide. I have also learned to soak deep wounds in warm water with a tablespoon of boric acid.

Check out this important discussion on if you should vaccinate for tetanus. Also, an emergency treatment for those in severe spasms from tetanus.

Please share your experiences or insight in the comment section below.

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  1. veterinary medicine 

    Beneficial info and excellent design you got here! I want to thank you for sharing your ideas and putting the time into the stuff you publish! Great work!

  2. ng 

    What a great resource!

  3. incorporations 

    Thank you, I have recently been searching for information about this topic for ages and yours is the best I have discovered so far.

  4. Mark Hartwell 

    Hey Bro,
    Interesting article and very informative, thanks. My wife and I tried to have children for 6 1/2 years. The gynecologist put her through three operations, menopause, fertility drugs and nothing seemed to work. I always assured her that our GOD the Lord JESUS CHRIST would give us children one day. I then saw Don Colbert on John Hagee today and he was talking about toxic relief. We did a forty day fast, switched everything we ate to organic and wholesome foods as well as a lot of praying. That month right after the forty day fast she conceived. I did the fast with her because I believe that you have to be together on everything you do in order for it work and be blessed. GOD’s word says the two become one flesh and he means it. The benefits I reaped were absolutely amazing. I used to have asthma (medication:beclovent and ventolin), allergies and eczema (under my arm pits, arms and sometimes all over my body). Guess what they are gone, however I believe and know they would come back if I resort to my old eating habits, for sure. You will be happy to know that JESUS has blessed my wife and I with four children our girl who is 7 and our boy who is 3 years old, one on the way and one in heaven with JESUS (we lost one). Anyway I thought this brief story would encourage you as I know yours did for me. FYI, witchcraft in the new Testament is defined as Pharmakeia, administer of drugs, pretty interesting ah. The BIBLE warns us to stay away from it, GOD revealed this two me a few years ago while studying his word. Shalom.

  5. danieljkoren 

    Thanks for sharing your incredible story. I think many people discover the healthy way of life because of great needs the medical empire cannot solve. Have you ever looked into the blood type/geneotype diets?

  6. Michał 


    Fantastic work, I am full of admiration to your determination and invention in fighting with so serios, dangerous and often lethal disease. You showed that natural medicine has also big importance.

    I’m from Poland. I’m writing cause I’m afraid that I caught tetanus too. One week ago I worked in the garden (I cleared trees) and was dirty with a lot of soil. At home I realised that I have a lot of schratches (I was carrying bright branches). I washed myself, used spiritus to desinfy little wounds but it could be too late.

    I’m taking vitamin C, coloidal silver and grapefruit seed extract. Tomorrow will be 8th day of my struggling. I feel some symtopms (little spasms around whole body, stifness in back and neck and restless). Today at night I felt the worst from the beginning but after praiyng to Pope I felt better and felt asleep. Morning was quite ok, I’m in library now when I’m writing it. Great is the Power of God!

    Could you write after how much time you felt completely recovered?

  7. danieljkoren 

    I cannot give you medical advice. I know the naturopath strongly advised that I take NOW Beta Glucan.
    I will give you spiritual advice. The Pope does not answer prayer, Jesus Christ does. If you are going to pray effectively, call on the living God in the resurrected person of Jesus. More than physical health, this Savior loves us and offers us soul health. He not only takes away sin, but gives us His Spirit to help us have victory over sin. Read about this awesome gift right here. I recommend you talk to Rev. Nicholls in your country.

  8. Michał 

    And garlic too, in tablets about 12-15 a day. I started today.

  9. debra kosler 

    Where did you purchase Colloidal silver 50 ppm. i have the 10 ppm. Or did you just do 5 doses of the 10 ppm?

  10. danieljkoren 

    First, I bought it from Then, I bought my own silver generator from I make my own at 10-20ppm. Some people worry about making their own for fear of silver ions and silver proteins, however, you can filter all of these out with brown, paper coffee filters.
    If you have tetanus active in your body, please treat it seriously. It is not a game. I took a huge risk and would not want anyone to think it is just something to experiment with. I have seen animals die of tetanus infection and it is horrible. I am not giving you medical advice, just a word of warning.

  11. It’s a tough situation since i first got a bad inflammatory response with the vaccine, then took a homeopathic remedy to get rid of the vaccine symptoms, the remedy was made from out of this country as a t/d remedy, doc said there must have been live bacteria or spores in it. Four weeks after taking it thats when my real trouble begin, and have been fighting ever since. I’m now trying silver, it’s the only thing i have not tried. So you see can’t get vaccine that would kill me too. Thats why i was asking which silver you tried. I’m taking meso silver now, 8oz. daily. Thanks You Debra

  12. Thank you so much for this inspirational article. I hope you do not mind me sharing the following for the sake of your readers :

    Tetanus Emergency Treatment

    The following was summarised from the following website articles as per the quoted web addresses

    Castor oil is a natural remedy that can be used to clean out a wound and prevent tetanus. When a wound is sustained, a cotton ball dunked in castor oil should be placed on the wound, and then fixed on the wound with a bandage. Castor oil has tremendous drawing power and can pull out rust and other infectious agents. The dressing should be changed every two hours the first day of treatment and twice a day for the next three days. Treatment of tetanus is not as easy, prevention is easier. In most instances patients will probably not make it if not treated appropriately and in time. Patients who can be kept alive during the most violent portion of the attacks can be pulled through, but recovery takes at least 6 weeks.

    Gelsemium, the green root tincture, twenty drops; carbolic acid, 98 per cent, twenty drops; water, twenty drops. This entire quantity is injected into the tissues of the thigh (intra-muscularly) every six hours. While the quantity of carbolic acid seems large, no abscess is formed, and only the best of results in this most serious disease are attained.

    The remedy is accessible, easily managed, and in every way justifiable as it has saved many lives where other conventional treatment had failed. It maybe necessary to use gelsemium, passiflora, chloral or morphine to control the severe nervous disturbance.
    The gelsemium combined with carbolic acid administered together, hypodermically, will produce excellent results, especially where the flushed face and bright eye indications for gelsemium are present.

    Sometimes tetanus is localized, that is, it affects only the part of the body where the infection began. However, in almost all reported cases, tetanus spreads to the entire body.

    The incubation period, from the time of the injury until the first symptoms appear, ranges from five days to three weeks. Symptoms usually occur within eight to 12 days. The chance of death is increased when symptoms occur early.

    The infection is usually transmitted through deep puncture wounds or through cuts or scratches that are not cleaned well. Many people associate tetanus with rusty nails and other dirty objects, but any wound can be a source. Less common ways of getting tetanus are animal scratches and bites; surgical wounds; dental work; punctures caused by glass, thorns, needles, and splinters; and therapeutic abortion. Rare cases have been reported in people with no known wound or medical condition. Neonatal tetanus in newborns can be caused by cutting the umbilical cord with an un-sterile instrument or by improper care of the umbilical stump.

    The toxin affects the nerve endings, causing a continuous stimulation of muscles. Initial symptoms may include restlessness, irritability, a stiff neck, and difficulty swallowing. In about half of all cases, the first symptom is a stiff or “locked” jaw, which prevents patients from opening their mouths or swallowing. This is also called trismus and results in a facial expression called a sardonic smile. Trismus is often followed by stiffness of the neck and other muscles throughout the body as well as uncontrollable spasms. Sometimes these convulsions are severe enough to cause broken bones. Other symptoms include loss of appetite and drooling. People with localized tetanus experience pain and tingling only at the wound site and spasms in nearby muscles.Early diagnosis and treatment is crucial for recovery. In general, the shorter the incubation period, the more severe the disease.

    The folowing is advice from another website

    False white teak is a potent herbal treatment for tetanus. You would need to boil the root powder in 300ml of water. After cooling and straining; drink it thrice daily for 6 days. The symptoms of tetanus would fade away. As a further herbal treatment for tetanus Cicada Slough (Chan Tui) 40Gms, Arisaema Tuber 7Gms, Scorpion (Quan Xie) 8- 10 parts and fried Jiang (cadaver of silk worm) they should be concocted and taken after breakfast (1/2 hour later) and after dinner. This treatment would cause lot of perspiration; however, the symptoms would leave you in three days. It should be made certain that the concoction is grinded properly.

  13. danieljkoren 

    I know povidone idodine also cleans out deep wounds. Your castor oil recommendation reminds me of a treatment used for drawing out the poisons from a cancerous tumor as well. Wish I had thought of that.
    Also, after research and personal experience, I would be confident to use the zapper as a method of fighting tetanus from growing further if I detected its symptoms or to prevent it by zapping daily for a week after a deep puncture wound.
    Boric acid, something I had to ask for at the pharmacy, is another old time method. I mix a teaspoon or two into two cups of hot water, let it cool, and then soak the wound in this solution. Epsom salt soaks also hold promise and great relief when I was dealing with the stiff muscle issues.
    While some people need to seek medical care to prevent or cure tetanus, I must say prevention is far better than having a story like mine to tell. I think everyone ought to carry peroxide and or iodine in their vehicle and keep it accessible at home and workplace. Proper wound care prevents a host of problems. The best method of how to treat tetanus naturally is by cleaning that wound out thoroughly.

  14. Neil 

    I’m curious if you had ever been vaccinated for tetanus at any point in your life, such as the primary 3 tetanus vaccinations that most infants are given?

  15. danieljkoren 

    I only remember getting a shot at age twelve.

  16. Invisible_Jester89 

    This is very beneficial and colloidal silver is indeed a good remedy for keeping a wound sterile. However, I feel the need to point out that any time the symptoms of tetanus are even slightly suspected, it is ALWAYS better to get yourself to a doctor rather than wait as the author did. Tetanus is thankfully much rarer due to proper medical care and the vaccination available for it (which you should update every ten years or anytime you have been stabbed by a rusty nail), but it can be VERY DEADLY! The tetanus bacterium releases a neurotoxin (nerve toxin) that causes muscle spasms (including of the heart muscle, skeletal muscle, and smooth muscle in the gastrointestinal system), which not only causes lockjaw but also can result in death as the heart spasms erratically. It’s very painful, as the author found out, and he probably should have gone into the emergency room as soon as he noticed there was an infection.

    The moral of this story? Any time you have a puncture wound, clean with hydrogen peroxide and water. The hydrogen peroxide will kill much of the bacteria in the wound. Make sure you keep a sterile bandage on it. If you suspect the wound was very deep or that the item that punctured you was rusty, you should begin some sort of antibacterial treatment, such as colloidal silver, another homeopathic antibiotic, or an actual antibiotic ointment like neosporin, immediately. If you see a lot of redness and soreness around the wound site, feel tingling or warmth around the wound site, or you see red streaks coming from the wound, GO TO THE HOSPITAL IMMEDIATELY. Do NOT waste time trying to treat it yourself – the wound is already infected with tetanus bacteria and needs medical attention before the situation gets worse. Those red lines are actually tracing the path the tetanus bacteria are taking through your body, and if you don’t see a doctor about it as soon as you suspect a tetanus infection, you could become septic (get blood poisoning) or the infection may spread throughout your body. This is what the author had the misfortune of experiencing, and why it’s so very important to keep your tetanus shots up to date. Once the doctor determines just how badly the infection has spread, you may need to take an antibiotic (if it’s relatively mild yet) or you may have to stay at the hospital for monitoring (if it’s bad). Tetanus is not a joke, people, and it’s not always treatable by homeopathy. PLEASE, remember to see a doctor if there is at all any reason for you to believe you may have a tetanus infection!

  17. Charles 

    I am a firm believer in “natural cures”, but you would have spared yourself A LOT of grief, agony and potential death if you would have went to an emergency room as soon as this happened! You would have received one shot, and all of this would have been over. It seems like you tried to “self treat” something as potentially fatal as a gun shot wound. I think you are crazy. No offense. Next time go to the ER.

  18. Adrien 

    Thank you for your article. Great documentary, interesting, informative and well written. I wonder if Mark Hardwell would share what he ingested on their 40 day fast. thanks.

  19. Kay 

    Hi, great info here. Been in medical, natural industry 28 years. Notice the most important thing not mentioned in the above moral summary, is CLEAN THE WOUND DEEPLY AND THOROUGHLY, when there is one. Extremely important!! You can take all you want including drugs and NOT GET BETTER IF THERE IS STILL DEBRIS IN A WOUND. With or without tetanus this has to be done if the area continues to be infected. Congratulations to you for your success naturally. You learned the importance of being diligent with high, consistent doses of quality products, a good variety to treat specific symptoms, with a severe problem. Any severe problems need to be treated heavily and consistently until relief, then moderately, then lightly, until 2-6 weeks after all symptoms disappear to clean infection or disease out internally. Some things need longer term maintenance after healing. It is always recommended that babies, young children, adults, and immune compromised people get medical treatment for severe problems because their bodies cannot handle the stress of the symptoms and can’t fight it off well. Someone strong and healthy can fight off almost anything if they are treating it right, naturally or medically. Everyone has to do what they feel is best or right for them. Congratulations again, this is a good testament to medicines God naturally put on earth for our healing. Blessings to all.

  20. danieljkoren 

    Thank you Kay. I would like to see anything you have written on natural practices. Any sites or resources you would recommend?

  21. Kay 

    Yes, I would like to hear from Mark too, about his fast, if he ever comes back. Congrats on all your kids!

  22. Joyce 

    I just finished sticking a screwdriver into my index finger of my left hand. First I rinsed in cold water. Next I soaked in hydrogen peroxide. Then I wrapped in noesporin and some 2X2 gauze squares and tape. It was throbbing a lot so I decided to unwrap it and soak it in some colloidal silver. Next I went to the web to prevent tetanus naturally and found your post. After reading, I began soaking in boric acid and Epsom salt water. That’s what I am doing now, as I write. I used a hypodermic needle to make sure the puncture is opened up. I took some coloidal silver this am already, so I will take another tablespoon this evening and will take another vitamin C, added to the 1000 mg liposomal vitamin C I take daily already. I am praying this will keep tetanus away. At least I know the symptoms to look out for within the72 hour window. Thank you so much for this post!

  23. danieljkoren 

    I’m glad you are forearmed! Was the screwdriver dusty or rusty? Tetanus usually lives in undisturbed surfaces.

  24. Beryl 

    Thank you. We cannot afford insurance and surely can!t afford a trip to the hospital. I got severely bit by a dog trying to save another dog. Both dogs have their shots so tetanus is my concern. I had t cd, n most other things. I ordered the now foods beta glucan and it will be here in two days. Plus the place I bought it from suggested bit c.

    I soaked the bites immediately in a bowl of colloidal silver, later peroxide. I drank a whole glass of CD, had some lemons, drinking lemon water. When hubby gets home I will have him peel some garlic. Already taking a liver cleanse n hawthorn berries for my heart because I have severe hypothyroidism.

    So thank you, thank you, thank you. Prayer was the first medicine.

  25. Thought 

    For wounds. After cleaning thoroughly ( I prefer H202) putting some oregano oil on can work wonders.

  26. danieljkoren 

    Yes! Especially Oreganol P73. Amazing stuff.

  27. Tracey Pera 

    I have an adult son who cut himself at work, so I was looking for a natural remedy, since I do not encourage ‘drugs’ unless there is NO other remedy. I also am a praying, believer in God’s power. I would have repeated this mans ‘protocol’. I would have added IMMEDIATELY a coffee enema 3-4x a day ( Gerson therapy), Ambrotose from Mannatech in the body and on the wound, and Frankinsense from YLEO. this is “my”suggestion. I am also of the mind – for me, NOT my son… if I live I am stronger, If I ‘die’ I am in Glory. I am sure this will be ‘misinterpreted’ but alas, this is a choice.

  28. danieljkoren 

    The main ingredient in Ambrotose comes from a company called North American Pharmaceuticals in a powder called ARA6 (this information is in Mannatech’s patent). ARA6 comes from the Larch tree. I think it is a lot cheaper to buy it from the original manufacturer.

  29. Braden 

    I am 21 years old and live a very active lifestyle. Last friday I was skateboarding suffered a gash on my leg, from a grinding rail. The rail was made of metal,that took off all the skin in one area of my shin, and was decently deep. It bleed a lot very fast. It took me around an hour to get home, when I got home I immediately used a liberal amount of hydrogen peroxide and water. After this I bandaged it up. I cleaned to wound everyday up until this point. After 4 days I became paranoid at even the slightest muscle twitch, so I went into a walk in clinic, all the doctor did was give a prescription for an antibiotic, and advised me not to take it unless signs of infection get worse. I haven’t take the antibiotic.

    It has been 6 days since I cut myself. I always take a lot of vitamins and organic vegetable juice daily. Yesterday I bought some colloidal silver and beta glucans 1 and 3. I am not taking the silver around 5 times a day, and am also dripping the silver onto my bandages and am cleaning the wound with silver. I have experienced very mild neck stiffness and small muscle twitches. My heart rate is completely normal and I do not have a fever.
    If on day 6 and I have mild muscle twitches only a few times a day. Also I feel a bit itchy. do you think this could be tetanus? I know you are not a doctor and do not advise me to do anything, but would just like your humbled opinion. like I said I went to a walk in clinic on day 4 and they let me walk back out without a booster, and was given an anti-biotic for infection if one persists.

    -Thank you for the time

  30. danieljkoren 

    That’s crazy they wouldn’t give you a booster. How long since your last tetanus shot?
    The holistic doctor I saw told me to soak it in boric acid dissolved in water. Vitamin C (as either calcium ascorbate or sodium ascorbate) with selenium is a great immune booster.
    Also, any toxins need to be flushed from the body. The mistake I made was sitting around worrying. I should have moved my muscles more to pump my lymph. Since that blog post, I’ve discovered an excellent system of lymph pumping called “T-Tapp” after the name of the founder. Search YouTube for Teresa Tapp’s “How Down” sequences to get started. I often use her workout DVD called “Healthy Hormones” because it is all about lymphatic movements.
    The one other thing I’ve discovered since then is Oreganol P73 (it is the wild-harvested, full-strength essential oil from oregano). It is a powerful antibiotic. I’ve used this for other infections by just rubbing it on the bottom of my feet and letting the lymph circulate it through my body. Two other powerful anti-tetanus essential oils are myrrh and helichrysum. We keep all of these on hand and in use for cuts and such like in our family.
    This is not medical advice, just what I’ve learned along the way.

  31. Sol 

    Thank you very much for these suggestions from lots of your viewers.At least ,I know what to do.Thank you and God bless.

  32. Ruth 

    Thank You most of all for your testimony of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ! I’ve been praying to meet other Bible believers who are serious about spiritual matters and also serious about natural health and healing.

  33. deandra 

    You literally could’ve died, you ninny.

  34. danieljkoren 

    Thank you for pointing that out.
    I highly recommend myrrh in a person’s first aid kit. It’s a very powerful oil against infection. I use it with any cut or wound–even nosebleeds. Stops bleeding quickly. My wife used it after delivering our last child and had minimal bleeding compared to previous deliveries.

  35. danieljkoren 

    Hey, readers, check out this important discussion on if you should vaccinate for tetanus: and an emergency treatment for those in severe spasms from tetanus:

  36. Patty R. 

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned the amazing benefits of CHARCOAL yet. God’s antidotes are often the cheapest and most readily available. My teenage son had some deep puncture wounds on his hands from a dog bite. After cleaning the wounds, I promptly soaked them in charcoal water for awhile. Then I applied a charcoal poultice over the wounds. At least a 2-3 times each day I had him do the charcoal water soak, and then rewrapped with a charcoal poultice. After a few days I alternated the charcoal poultices with a raw honey poultice. They healed quickly without incident and there was no observable scars.

  37. danieljkoren 

    Interesting. Boric acid dissolved in water works well too.

  38. Julie 

    I’m grateful to have read your story as it has brought me comfort. I am a chronic lyme sufferer who 6 days ago scratched my foot on a jagged piece of wood as we were renovating a bedroom. So far I just have bizarre poking pains around the scratch and my jaw feels sore. Praying I am ok.

  39. Melissa 

    I really appreciated your article. Thank you for sharing valuable information. I am seeking reassurance…
    Yesterday my son of 6 lost his footing while jumping on big piles of dirt on our property. He fell and hit his head on a large rock. He raced to the door & was convinced that he was going to die with the amount of blood he could see & feel. Without hesitation I raced him to the bathroom to clean the area w antiseptic spray. No sign of foreign body. Approx 6mm in length & about 2mm in width, was a reasonable size wound. Applied a gauze. 3hrs later redressed the wound & applied antiseptic cream directly onto the wound.
    This afternoon, he was seen by a doctor & triage nurse. They also cleaned the wound & dressed it w butterfly strips.
    To support his immunity, he’s had 1000mg Vit C, 5000 IU Vit D, colllidial silver & my quiet prayers. No sign of symptoms, but keeping an eagle eye on him. Is it too late to do anything else?
    My fear is that I may not have cleaned the wound out enough. My husband is confident we did the right thing & that he will be fine. Paranoid much? In kind, Mel.

  40. Narek Manukyan 

    On January 21st 2017 my friends dog accidently punctured my right hand deep and i saw blood as he was teething on my hand. He did not intentionally bite me and the dog is fully vaccinated. My skin instantly had an allergic reaction and hives began to form and a red streakage began to form as well. The puncture was so thin and narrow that by the time i got to the bathroom to wash it after staring at it for a few min, it had pretty much healed already. the next morning i went to urgent care where they prescribed me amoxicillin 500mg, took it for 4 days every 8 hours and the red streakage went away but i stopped because i didnt feel well on it. I did also recieve a tetanus vaccination from the hospitals ER room (no side effects from that (yet)). But i was paranoid this whole time about rabies so i had been drinking echinacea in droplet form mixing it in my water and taking high doses of vitamin c, i also drink omega 3. Today is february 3rd and im laying in bed and feel some small muscle spasms especially at night. I just want to know how can i possibly clean my hand of any sort of nasty debree especially since its been almost 2 weeks. I have been taking goldenseal as well for the past 2 days which seems to help and i tend to use a lot of lemon especially mixing it in warm water and adding drops of chayenne pepper as well. I have been trying to keep my body alkaline as well and i have changed my lifestyle up but mainly eating a vegetarian diet. please any information would help if you could email me back at or text or call me at 8183710040. i want to know if i have to cut back into my hand in order to clean the wound with hydrogen peroxide. pray for my well being please as it really is an uncomfortable situation that no one should ever have to experience. i knew my insticts were correct that there was still an issue in my body that is why ive been so uneasy.

  41. danieljkoren 

    Stress can create nervous issues. I’ve had muscle spasms before that appeared to have simply come from my out-of-check fears. Controlling my imagination and building my hope and faith in God helped me through this time. I hope you overcome your fears and any real issues quickly.

  42. donna 

    That was quite a traumatic experience. Last August, my landlord was replacing the roof on the garage and the shingles were all over the place. I went to walk around the side of the house and stepped on a shingle with a nail in it almost in the same area of my foot as you. I soaked first in epsom salts, then I took 30C of Ledum (homeopathic medicine for puncture wounds and prevent tetanus). I took a second dose 15 minutes later and about 50% of pain went away within 5 minutes of second dose. I let it ride until 4 hours later when pain started to get worse and took another 30C. That was all I needed. The wound never hurt enough to slow me down but it did sure hurt until I took the Ledum. Vaccines are against my religion so I needed to use an alternative. Aconite can help with trauma, bleeding and anxiety, but is not the best choice for puncture wounds. Glad to hear you survived it.

  43. danieljkoren 

    Thank you for sharing your story. Great info.

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