How to Kick Whooping Cough

Our kids got whooping cough at the hospital. Fortunately we found some information to treat it that kept them from having to be admitted.

While in the family room visiting with friends, we noticed a teenager coughing horribly and pounding his chest for air. We thought he was just a drama king. Later, we learned he was a patient who should not have wandered out of his room.

It started as a tickling little cough that sounded innocent enough. Within a week, our daughter who had started the little cough had stepped up to paroxysms (coughing fits).

What goes from red to blue to gray?

My daughter woke us one morning coughing and gasping for air. I thought she was just overreacting. Then next morning her cough was worse and another child started it.

Whooping cough (pertussis) bacteria strips out all the hair in the throat and bronchial tubes. Once these are gone, any mucus (which you always have) slips down into the bronchial tubes. You gag, breath in, and suddenly have to cough repeatedly to bring up the less-than-exciting subject of excess mucus.

While the child is out of air, he or she coughs repeatedly, turning red in the face, then from lack of oxygen can turn blue, and then from the strain of coughing, turns gray for a second or two. Then comes the trademark “whoop” as the child gasps for fresh oxygen.

The point of no return

Once the hair is gone from the windpipe, you are at the mercy of your wisdom in treating this disease. Figure on facing six weeks of horrible coughing and six months until normalcy returns once those hairs have grown back. In the mean time, there are several things you can do to prevent further problems.

Whooping cough is not a huge problem in and of itself if your children can manage past the lack of air a few times during the night. The danger lies in potential pneumonia, bronchitis, and other issues. Our midwife recommended we give the kids supplements to prevent infection from other diseases getting down into the lungs. We used:

Garlic oil capsules

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Grapefruit Extract

Vitamin D3

Vitamin E





How to kick Whooping Cough quickly

Reading online, we found a post on using sodium ascorbate. While we did not have ready access to this, we found powered Emergen-C to work just as well. The site recommended using as much Vitamin C as a doctor would use antibiotics. Vitamin C is not toxic because it is water-based and will flush out of your body (with diarrhea) if you take too much.

You have to have nerves of steel to keep your kids out of the hospital if they get this nasty monster. Most kids who take antibiotics, however, get all the other nasties like pneumonia and such, afterward.

Read this story of a mother taking a baby through pertussis. Also, search online for “whooping cough” and “sodium ascorbate” together. You will find some very helpful and encouraging information.

When we started using the ascorbate blend (instead of pure ascorbic acid), we saw dramatic reduction in mucus and coughing and cut this disease short. I give honor and credit to my Lord Jesus who carried us through this trying time. I got to know Him and His Word better during those interrupted nights.

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15 Responses

  1. karen 

    I too believe in the power of the written word. I know
    that if we put our trust in our Savior and give the blessings by the power of the Holy Priesthood. And put our God on high First in our lives we will have no evil befall us or any plague come near our dwelling him he will deliver us from trouble.

  2. karen 

    Put God first and he will deliver thee from all plagues.

  3. vicky 

    While my children have never had this I was concerned when my youngest got the croup. I was worried that she had whooping cough and in doing research I found that back in the 40’s colloidal silver was a common treatment for whooping cough.
    I have also wondered if the story in Anne of Green Gables was accurate when you see Anne giving her best friend’s younger sibling Ipecac to help them spit up the phelgm.

  4. danieljkoren 

    I would not be afraid to use silver, but I wonder if it would work very fast. Something else I would try is zapping, which you can also read about on this site.

  5. Christine 

    Actually the written word says we will have more trials and tribulations if we follow him. No where in the Bible does it say we will not get sick if we have Jesus in our hearts, 5 out of 5 people die, and Christians die just like the rest, it is just our destination is different.

  6. jennifer 

    Not sure if my youngest guy (13 months) has whooping cough or not> His coughing fits seem to be getting worse so I was looking for natural ways to help> We use ACV a lot so today I started putting a small amount in his water> thanks for sharing!Christine- your absolutley right, just having Jesus in our hearts doesnt keep us from getting sick> You have to believe in His healing power and the promises He made to us> Isaiah 53:5 is a good vs to ck out :-)

  7. Invisible_Jester89 

    God is supposed to have put everything on this earth that we need. That includes vitamins, minerals, antibiotics, and just about every one of the billions of chemical compounds in existence. Whether you look at it from a purely scientific standpoint, or a faith-based standpoint, just about everything we’ve found as a remedy came from the earth at some point. We’ve just figured out what made those remedies work and now have the capability to make them in a lab setting. Nothing’s really changed at all if you think about it.

    I probably shouldn’t even have to say this, but I believe there’s a vaccination for whooping cough. If your child doesn’t have a sensitivity to vaccines or the materials some vaccines are incubated in (for example, influenza vaccines are incubated in chicken eggs, so those with an egg allergy should not have them), I highly recommend getting the whooping cough vaccination for your child. There’s just no reason to cause additional risk for a disease so easily prevented, and as Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

  8. Cheryl 

    Thank you…my son got whooping cough from a friend who had to get the vaccine for a job…the friend spread this to his family and to anyone around him with in two weeks of getting the vaccine! Vaccines are what is spreading this, please people educate yourself on that. That having been said, I was looking for some natural means to help him over come this…great post, very helpful!! Thank you so much!

  9. danieljkoren 

    I’m glad you are educating yourself on this. We the people need not believe everything government “experts” tell us.

  10. Tammy 

    Thanking Jesus for leading me to this site. It has been the most helpful if all I’ve found. I’m on day 4 of antibiotics, but have emergen-c too. Cough is unmerciful.
    Bless you and your family with abundant wellness in Jesus name.

  11. Debbie 

    I have this now and I am willing to try anything to get rid of this cough! I can’t stand all of the drugs I’m on and the inhalers are making me crazy! I can’t sleep at night! I hope some of these natural remedies will help! Thanks!

  12. Can colloidal be taken with steroids and antibiotics?

  13. danieljkoren 

    A natropath once advised me to take silver 2 hours removed from any other supplements.

  14. Can I take colloidal silver with antibiotics with and steroids?

  15. danieljkoren 

    Silver binds with other chemicals easily. You would have to consult a medical professional for an answer on that. In the rare case that I use silver, I tend to only take it with distilled water so it doesn’t get bound up with anything else.

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