How I Found a Way to Cure Endometriosis Naturally

A great natural remedy for endometriosis symptomsI discovered Female Balance by NOW to dramatically improve my health after experiencing symptoms of endometriosis for several years. This answered my questions of “How do you cure endometriosis naturally?”

I began to experience pain last September that was worse than I had experienced for the last 5 years. I worried about this being more serious than I had first expected. I met two people that same year with endometriosis. One friend had surgery and was still in a lot of pain. Doctors had not decided what to do with my other friend because a major artery running through her uterine area connects to her intestines, making surgery dangerous.

Discovering the cause of endometriosis

Because these stories were so fresh in my mind I googled “what are the symptoms of endometriosis.” I was surprised that I had five of the six symptoms listed on the website I found. They said the only cure was menopause. Well, Dearie, that’s probably still 15-20 years away for me. I can’t wait that long.

Looking at the two ladies I’d met last year, I didn’t want surgery. Yet I knew I couldn’t let it continue to a dangerous level. I wanted a natural remedy these symptoms. I searched “what causes endometriosis?” Endometriosis develops when a woman’s hormones are not balanced.

Discovering a cure for endometriosis

I read about Female Balance by NOW being able to reverse endometriosis and allow my body to start working correctly. One source I read said to take wild yam (which Female Balance has in it as well as some other herbs to help regulate this problem) for about 6 months and you should be good. One should not take it during the week of menstruation.

Rather than taking the dosage on the label (one pill three times per day), I took only one per day. I was especially looking to get rid of the pain. I was tired of always being in pain. It drains me so much I can hardly do anything that involves bending over because it kills my back. I was always exhausted and fell asleep if I were to sit down on the couch.

The most painful time of the month for me was ovulation not menstruation. When I ovulated I’d find myself looking for a pain killer because my ovaries and uterus hurt so badly. The very first month on Female Balance, I was so relieved to go through ovulation pain-free!

Weight loss while treating endometriosis naturally

While I was only taking Female Balance for the endometriosis and estrogen dominance symptoms, one Sunday morning a lady at church says, “You look skinnier. Have you been losing weight?” I had noticed I had thinned out.

I said, “You know, that’s been happening but I don’t know why. My hair stopped falling out too.” I thought it was maybe the essential fatty acids (EFA) from fish oil I was taking. My midwife had recommended EFA’s when I told her what I was suffering. Because I was no longer in any pain, I didn’t stop to think it was the Female Balance still doing its job.

In a month, I went from size 12 back down to size 10. I’ve continued to stay at size 10 in spite of the holidays. Usually, I graduate to a size 14 every year from the holidays until spring.

Hair regrowth while treating endometriosis naturally

Before using the Female Balance supplement, I would loose a glob of hair every shower. When I brushed my hair, I lost enough to supply my husband with a wig… and a beard to boot! My braid used to be the thickness of two drumsticks (the rhythm instrument, not the chicken or turkey kind). It became as thin as a pencil. It looked scrawny, dry, flat, and had lost its shine.

After taking Female Balance for 4 months, my hair is twice as thick now.

Other improvements from natural treatment of endometriosis

I have more energy. I’m not in constant pain. Menstruation is normal (did you know that starting menstruation with brown blood is a sign of endometriosis? I’ve had that since I began at age 12!).

I’d been having a lot of asthma attacks for no reason back in September. Generally for me, an asthma attack came at the end of an allergy attack. However, without having any allergy problems, I’d find myself wheezing. Again, this is a symptom of estrogen dominance.

Apparently many people gain a lot of weight with a hormonal imbalance. I had tried taking off the pounds I had suddenly gained that year. For a month, I jogged on the treadmill but lost nothing.

Before surgery, consider if a natural remedy to cure endometriosis symptoms might work for you. While I am not giving medical advice, what worked for me was a change of diet, an excellent EFA supplement, and NOW’s Female Balance. Read more on estrogen dominance…

Now's Female Balance 90Caps Now’s Female Balance 90Caps

NOW Female Balance™ is a potent combination of herbal extracts and Borage Oil designed to give general hormonal support.

Serving Size: 1 capsule

Servings per container: 90

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement for women, take 1 capsule 3 times daily with meals.

Free of: yeast, wheat, corn, soy, milk, sugar, salt, preservatives. Other Ingredients: Black Cohosh, cramp bark, rice flour, silicon dioxide and magnesium stearate.Warnings: This product should not be consumed during the first week of the menstrual period. Not intended for pregnant or lactating women.

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3 Responses

  1. Kim 

    I am hoping finding your blog is an answer to prayer~I’ve had hormonal and health issues for a very long time. In the past few years I’ve begun having excruciating ovulation pain and now I’m starting to have excruciating pain during my cycle as well (usually on day 3). I’ve tried taking Wild Yam and Vitex before, and both made me feel horrid. So I thought maybe I was wrong about my suspected Estrogen Dominance. Someone told me that when you start to correct the hormone imbalance you will feel terrible at first…but I’m not sure I buy that! lol At any rate, I would love to compare notes with you on symptoms and I’m also interested in the dietary changes you made…I clicked on the link to change in diet, but it led me to nothing. Thanks so much!

  2. danieljkoren 

    Recently I was doing more reading on this subject because we just had another baby. Levi is almost 7 weeks old. With our last baby, Esther (now 3), I had an estrogen surge. I didn’t feel anything happen but all the signs were there. At just a couple of weeks old she broke out in acne all over her beautiful little face. She looked horrible! And all the weight I had lost suddenly came back. At that time I couldn’t figure out why it was happening. After speaking to my midwife she explained why. Still it all didn’t make sense to me.
    Being that I didn’t want that to happen again this time I asked my midwife if I should go ahead and take the Female Balance after he was born. My main concern was that it would cause menstruation. I nurse so therefore I don’t have to deal with a cycle for many months. She told me to wait and see if I had a surge and to try taking some then.
    In the meantime I did more research because I don’t like being dependent on a pill, even if it is all-natural.
    I found that omega-3 essential fatty acids are necessary for proper estrogen function. Being that I’m not a scientist or doc let me put it into layman’s terms and say that the EFA’s go to your brain and triggers something that allows proper estrogen function. I looked up the food sources that have the highest amount of EFA’s. Flax seed. It contains hundreds of thousands of EFA’s in just two tablespoons. Which is more than you’ll ever get from any pill. Its source is also pure and combined with many other co-factors to help with distribution and absorption.
    I’m nearly seven weeks postpartum and no estrogen surge. I have faithfully taken two tablespoons per day as suggested. My weight has stayed off. In one week after Levi was born I was back in my normal clothes.
    So if the Female Balance didn’t work for you try flax seed. You need to grind them somehow (Vitamix, or grain mill). If you eat them whole they’ll pass right through. If you grind a bunch at a time store the meal in the freezer. It goes rancid fast.
    I’m looking forward to when menstruation starts back up again (well sort of) so that I can see how my body responds to extra EFA’s.
    As far as diet, for 12 years now going on 13 this year, we have followed the blood type diet. I highly recommend the D’Adamo diet.
    The biggest thing for me is wheat and white flour products (gluten). They destroy me. In everything that I read about estrogen dominance that was one of the things that was to be avoided.
    If you have any further questions you can always email me at this address. I don’t promise to have the answer but I love a good research project! :)

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