Get Rid of Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy Naturally

I didn’t have to deal with getting rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy until recently in my child bearing. There’s all kinds of creams and such to help get over this hurdle however I’ve found a method that seems to work well without having to spend money. I do tons of Kegel exercises.
You can get rid of hemorrhoids during pregnancy with Kegels. This was something that my first midwife insisted that you do 100 per day. In a Kegel you squeeze the muscle you use to stop yourself from urinating. Squeezing this muscle is so very necessary. After several children if you don’t keep this muscle strong you won’t be able to jump on the trampoline without Depends!
When dealing with hemorrhoids I will lay on the bed while resting and Kegel. What you’re doing is pulling those veins back into place. The harder you squeeze the faster this method will work.
If you have a particular stubborn hemorrhoid that refuses to go back in place then apply pressure and Kegel at the same time. If you can’t tolerate the feeling that you have an open wound that feels like it’s seeping then someone decides to dump alcohol on top of it all, then by all means find something that will give you relief.
Remember that creams won’t fix the problem only give you temporary relief. Working that muscle will get rid of hemorrhoids naturally usually within 24 hours or less if you’re diligent.

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