How to Nurse Your Baby Successfully

What to eat while nursing

On my first child, I was not sure if I could nurse my baby successfully. For baby products that you need to prepare for your little one just visit ScratchMeNot Mittens.

It seemed as if I was robbed of everything I loved to eat. No peppers, onions, broccoli, someone even told me no cucumbers. For three months this went on and for three months I had the worst colicky baby you ever saw!
We were introduced to the blood type diet shortly after the birth of our second child. It made all the difference in the world.
Since that time I have found that I can eat all the peppers, onions, broccoli, and even hot peppers that I want and it does not affect the baby. However, if I eat a whole wheat product that baby is sure to start screaming.
As I mentioned before, I’m a blood type O. As an O, I’m able to eat most vegetables, the fruits that I most enjoy, and lots of meat. Wheat products are not digested by my body therefore it makes my milk also indigestible. It gives the baby extreme pain because you’re feeding him a product that his body can’t break down.
Not too long ago, I did hear of a blood type A mother who had to take out certain foods from her diet because her blood type O baby wasn’t nursing successfully in getting the right nutrition. This surprised me. But when explained, made sense.
Many blood type A’s have low levels of acid making it harder for them to digest things such as meat. Most do better on moderate amount of grains, lots of vegetables, fruits, and light protein like poultry or seafood.
This particular baby had such an aversion to grains, being that he was an O, that this mom had to take them out of her diet because being an A with poor digestion her milk was coming through indigestible.
My sister, blood type O, had a blood type A baby. He was extremely fussy and several times a day would scream in pain. She began eating according to her blood type but he was still in pain. As he was going on four months, a month past the typical colic stage, I explained to my husband what was going on. A blood type A himself he said, “Oh, he needs acidophilus.”
Acidophilus is found in yogurt.  It’s good bacteria that your body needs in order to digest food and stay healthy. So my sister began fixing him a small bottle with diluted juice (100% real) and acidophilus. It did the trick. So there are a few methods of dealing with colic so neither the baby nor you have to suffer. You can also check out doctor letter for service dog for more health and emotional care services.

Successful nursing brings numerous benefits

First, nursing is far healthier than formula. A formula fed baby has nasty diapers. Their spit-up stinks and any excretions stain your clothes.
When a nursed baby spits up, it’s just milk. It doesn’t stain. If their diaper leaks, no problem. Simply wash as normal and hang in the sunshine while the article is still wet. The sun will bleach it out.
You can successfully eliminate colds and other infant sicknesses while nursing. When the baby starts to get sick I begin taking vitamin C in multiples of 500mg. There’s no specific amount. I simply take it as I feel the need.

And, there’s no getting up in the middle of the night to warm a bottle. Which leads me to…

Where does the baby sleep?

On our first child we had a beautiful cherry wood crib. It was lined with mint green bumper pads, and inside lay the pinwheel quilt which I had made and quilted by hand. However, when our little bundle arrived he didn’t find it all inviting.

He hated that crib! I’d nurse him and when he was asleep put him in the crib. Within 15 minutes he’d be awake and crying. I’d take him back to bed with me, lie down, nurse and half the time I’d wake up hours later with him still beside me.
This felt right to me, but everything that I’d heard said the opposite.  Not to let them in bed with you because you’ll never get them out of your room. This is not true. Our four oldest children have their own beds and our little three year old is doing very well at transitioning to sleeping with her sisters.
While I was struggling to decide what to do with our first child, a newsletter came in the mail. At that time there was a lady who had 9 children and she put out bimonthly newsletters at a very reasonable price. The majority of her advice was very beneficial to me and timely.
She pretty much gave me the permission I needed to allow my newborn to sleep with me. This not only gave me peace of mind but it allowed all three of us to sleep. I’m forever grateful to a husband who had always been open-minded to change. Some husbands become very upset thinking about a baby entering their domain.
So not only do I not need to get up in the middle of the night to warm a bottle I don’t need to get up at all! I afford myself the luxury of sleeping as much as I can.

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