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What is WiFly?

Monday, June 24th, 2013

by DJ Koren
Deejays and technology aficionados are now asking “What is WiFly” and “What are WiFly lights?” WiFly lights, made by American DJ, are wireless, LED effect lights. Operating on a built in lithium battery, Wifly lights last eight to ten hours without a power cable! This means you can do a quick set up anywhere in minutes without having to try to hide ugly cables. What a safety break as well!
Here’s a fun video I put together to explain and show what WiFly does.
What is WiFly?

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What are WiFly lights?

Wifly lights operate with a wireless DMX transmitter and controller. (DMX is the system for controlling lights of many different types.) The wireless DMX WiFly controller can reach up to 500 feet without the use of DMX cable. WiFly lights can also be controlled with a remote.

What styles of WiFly lights are available?What is WiFly? This American DJ LED bar light operates off an 8-hour batter and a wireless DMX controller

They have RGBA Quad color, which in English terms RGBA means Red Green Blue and Amber, with RGBA you can mix these colors to gather and make any color in the world. Quad color means all four colors in one led, and with quad color you have nice smooth color mixing.

What are WiFly lights? This par light can be set up anywhere and opperated remotely.

What is WiFly good for?

Brian Redd, with American DJ, did a test to see how long it took to set up WiFly vs. normal lights that use electric cords and DMX cables. He set up two WiFly light bars and two pars (a circular light fixture, like a flood light). It took 56 seconds to put up the WiFly lights. It took over three minutes to set up the conventional lights.
Consider these uses:
•    Wall wash
•    Stage lighting
•    Special effects
•    Impromptu event
•    Production studio
You can turn any room—or any corner of a room—into a stage in minutes. Use these lights for a wall wash, hang them on a truss, or let your creativity go wild with American DJ’s breakthrough technology of WiFly lights. Now, you know what to tell the next person who asks you “What is WiFly?”



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