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Get Rid of Squash Bugs Naturally

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Here’s a recipe of how to get rid of squash bugs naturally and organically. My wife discovered this concoction when experimenting on pests that were destroying her winter and summer squash plants. We also found this to be a safe pesticide for Japanese beetles.

Ingredients (you can grow all these yourself):

Handful of Marigold flowers (plant these around your squash patch, too)

Dozen Tansy leaves (the tansy herb also drives ants away from your home if planted in the landscaping)

Six garlic cloves (plant these near your plants as well)

Four hot peppers (jalapeño, chili, cayenne)


Put these items in a cooking pot

Cover with water

Bring to boil, let simmer for 30 minutes

Should yield about 4 cups

Strain two cups of cooled broth into a garden sprayer and fill with water up to the gallon mark. We add a teaspoon of Basic H as well to make the mixture more effective and longer lasting. Just Basic H alone in water is a safe pesticide for Japanese beetles.

How to use this natural, organic pesticide in the garden

Spray this in the evening when the squash flowers are closed so you do not harm or drive away the pollinating bees. You will see how effective this is in getting rid of squash bugs naturally and organically when you water in the morning. Flood the area around the base of the plant with water and if any squash vine borers are present, they will come up out of the ground beside the stem of the plant.

Make your job easier by looking under the leaves for squash bug eggs. They lay in a row and the eggs enlarge before they hatch (about two weeks). Cut these leaves off and burn them. If your plant cannot bear to lose another leaf, then spray the eggs and it should kill them before they hatch.

Be careful with how much hot pepper you use. We tried powdered cayenne pepper and it burnt holes in the leaves! Now that you know how to get rid of squash bugs organically and naturally, use it as a safe pesticide for Japanese beetles, cabbage worms, other pests. Try this concoction on anything that bugs you!


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