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How Do You Get Rid of Roaches?

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Years ago, we fought a losing roach battle for many months. Finally, we got rid of cockroaches for good. Short of burning the house down, we could not figure out what to do. We found two things very effective for exterminating the roach population living in our mobile home: diatomaceous earth and commercial pest extermination minneapolis mn.

Get rid of roaches with gel poison

You can get rid of roaches quickly if you get serious about the problem when you see the first one. Of course, seeing one roach indicates that you probably already have a hundred. After trying all the products in the pest-killing department, we found a paste poison made by Combat. It comes in a little tube (like a small caulking tube or a big syringe). Squeeze this poison gel in little cracks and crevices where roaches like to build their nests. When they pick this stuff up, they bring it back to the nest and everybody dies. Roaches love it and you can kill of a whole nest quickly.

If that was the only nest in your home, you are now roach free. If you have had roaches for a while, look for more roach nests in any area where there is warmth: around LED lights in microwaves and coffee makers, in vent hoods, under refrigerators, under sinks, buy water heaters and washrooms, and in bathrooms. They will usually set up house within a short distance to a water supply. If you have leaks or standing water anywhere, get rid of it. We had to go through two or three tubes of the Combat roach gel until we defeated our invaders.

Keep rid of cockroaches with diatomaceous earth

This stuff deserves its own blog post. Diatomaceous earth is a white powder full of microscopic razor blades (it comes from a sea creature formation). It will not hurt you unless you inhale it, but it is bloody murder for roaches. When they and other insects walk across the diatomaceous earth, they will get cut up and “bleed” out their body fluids. You will know it is working when you see slow crawling roaches and dead ones lying in the middle of your floor.

Use this to get rid and stay free of roaches for a long time by simply sprinkling the powder anywhere a roach might travel. Pull out your refrigerator and other large appliances and sprinkle this evenly on the floor. No need to heap it up, just give a light dusting. Spread it up onto mopboards and wall trim (if it will not be seen). Sprinkle this liberally under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. If you are building a home, sprinkle it on all your subflooring and inside the framed walls so you never have a bug problem. You might even be able to sprinkle this under your home or around the parameter for the house. You can find diatomaceous earth at some pool supply stores and our local feed store sells it in 50 pound bags.

Now you know how to get rid of roaches when you combine the use of Combat cockroach gel and diatomaceous earth. Live free of ugly bugs.

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