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Uncle’s Pineapple and Bread

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

While visiting my Uncle it was fun to help streamline a few things. He has never been one to experiment or try new foods. However, I was able to introduce him to at least one–pineapple.

I said, “Ok, is it the pineapple taste that you don’t like or the pulp?”

“The pulp.”

Ah-ha!  That is typical. I have, so far have not met anyone who did not like the pineapple taste itself, just the texture. I make a fruit punch out of 100% pineapple juice, 100% grape juice, and a couple of freshly squeezed lemons (a friend tried the punch and decided that she liked pineapple after all). Anyway, I took a fresh pineapple and juiced it. My uncle actually liked it. If you have never had fresh-juiced pineapple, you are in for a treat. It comes out very creamy.

My mom had one small watermelon left in her garden and picked it before the frost got it. Being that my Uncle’s garden is full of tomatoes and tomatoes are now a complete avoid for him, my mother gave him her last watermelon. There is talk that next year he will plant all watermelons in his tomato patch.

A new, young look

Perhaps the most interesting development is his hair color. It is changing from white, back to his original color! My Aunt says that the hair on his head looks like it has been touched up at a salon. His two-day’s growth beard is coming in all dark again. While she was still in Alaska, somewhere near the end of July, they took a picture of my uncle in his tomato patch showing off his tomatoes. His hair was very white. We are not exactly sure what is causing it to do this. One of the products or the diet itself?

My Aunt, whose hair is totally white, said, “Whatever he’s taking, I need it!”

Making spelt bread

My Aunt is my Uncle’s sister, not his wife (he lost his wife 5 years ago). She made bread for the first time in her life. Single, never-married, she has never found baking her strength.

While there, I had made some spelt bread for them using the recipe out of Cook Right 4 Your Type. They had been purchasing spelt bread at roughly $6 a loaf. That’s crazy! Although the recipe is for a bread maker, it’s quite simple to do it conventionally. She accidentally doubled the yeast, though, and called me the next day, saying, “Do you remember that clip of I Love Lucy and the day she made bread?”

“Yeah?” I said, not sure what she was going to tell me next. You just never know with her.

“Well, I called 911 to get the loaf of bread out of the oven!”

It was the lightest loaf of spelt bread she had ever had! She took a slice down to my mother, proud of her accomplishments (in spite of the mistake). My Uncle, the texture guy, was glad that he no longer had to buy it at $6 a loaf!

My Aunt is going back to Alaska soon to visit cosmetic dentistry beverly hills ca because she is taking good care of her dental health. It will be a real accomplishment if Uncle can make this bread on his own. That, I wish I could see!

Full steam ahead

Being that she is leaving again soon, they were wintering her place. Making sure that the roof was OK, flushing water lines, putting in anti-freeze, setting traps for critters, etc.  Uncle is working along beside her as if nothing is wrong and there is no cancer.

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