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Grapefruit Seed Extract

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Grapefruit Seed Extract can serve you well or it can be an utter nightmare. Taking someone’s recommendation for a disease I was fighting, I took large quantities of the grapefruit seed extract I picked up at the health food store. Since it tastes so horrible, we put the grapefruit seed extract inside capsules so I could swallow it without gagging or burning my throat. Instead, I burned out my innards. You do not want to know the details, but it convulsed my intestines and cleaned me out. I doubt I retained enough of it to do any infection fighting.

Later, since we could not take this form of GSE (grapefruit seed extract) internally, I figured I could use it topically. However, it literally burned my skin. The areas I had rubbed with it turned red within an hour and hurt so bad I wanted to punch a hole in the wall. Relief came about twelve hours after I washed the burned skin and treated it with Vitamin E and fresh Aloe Vera plant leaves. I have determined that the Grapefruit Seed Extract by Nutribiotics is junk. I was using it to treat an outbreak of impetigo on my face and it worked well to kill it initially, but then all the burned areas got infected and this skin infection took over my face for a few days until I got it under control again (more on that later).

The best form of grapefruit extract we have found is by NOW Foods. This company consistently produces some of the best supplements for almost every health concern. We only buy NOW Foods Grapefruit Complex which comes from grapefruit bioflavinoids. I used it on my skin and it helped kill the impetigo without destroying the good skin. I can even mix it in fruit juice and it does not burn my throat or have too strong of a flavor (although it is not pleasant either).

My wife and I have used NOW GSE for a variety of conditions, taking whole droppers full in a capsule without any discomfort or upset to the intestinal tract. However, GSE is such a powerful antibiotic it will clean out the good bacteria. Follow any internal treatment of Grapefruit Seed Extract with acidophilus and other blood-type friendly bacteria to restore a healthful balance in your intestines. By the way, we recommend acidophilus from NOW as well. Save yourself some frustration and start with Now’s Grapefruit Complex.

Uncle makes Bread

Friday, November 12th, 2010

My Aunt (sister to my widower uncle) left for Alaska leaving Uncle to, more or less, fend for himself. Now, low and behold, he made his very own bread! I am surprised.

Since he really likes the yeast flavor, so he added extra. He told my aunt on the phone that if she hears an explosion all the way up in Alaska, she will know what happened!

The doctors have been giving him fits about his medications, but he is supposed to be coming up on some doctor’s visits soon. We are hoping to find out more details on how the cancer is coming along… or not. Stay tuned.

The Best Green Tea – Mr. Itaru’s

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

If you are looking for the best green tea, or just a good replacement for your old coffee and tea , look no further than Mr. Itaru’s Green Tea. Wanting to get away from a coffee habit (being a writer you end up getting addicted to something to keep cranking words late at night), I tried Mr. Itaru’s Green Tea and knew I had found my new addiction (a good one, mind you).

Flavor first
Now, I’m the kind of guy who will eat or drink anything if you tell me it is good for me. My wife, however, has to find good-tasting healthy stuff. A family member gave us our first bag of Mr. Itaru’s Green Tea and it took over our mugs. Sweetened with a little agave nectar (or other sweetener of your choice), this brew builds your immunity and satisfies the taste buds.
Toasted brown rice in the mixture gives such a full, smooth texture to the tea that I find it better than coffee. Rice in my tea did not sound appetizing when I first heard about it; the first taste changed my mind, though.

Health benefits
Green tea gives you powerful antioxidants 100 times more powerful than Vitamin C and 25 times stronger than Vitamin E (not that it replaces these essential nutrients). The best green tea will boost immunity and help fight or prevent cancer (we first heard about Mr. Itaru’s from my wife’s uncle who is fighting liver cancer and doing remarkably well). This tea will promote healthy bacteria in the intestines and normalize the workings of the cardiovascular system. The leaves of green tea come from some of the same plants as black tea, but with the improved processing, you receive much more nutritional content.

How to make it
This tea comes loose in a foil-like bag (kind of like a coffee bag) and we measure it into our coffee maker and percolate it just like a hot cup of joe. Sweeten with a spoonful of agave nectar, honey, or whatever you can have. Or just drink it black—I mean green.
Get your best addiction going when you pick up your bag of Mr. Itaru’s Green Tea from D’Adamo Personalized Nutrition.

Uncle’s Pineapple and Bread

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

While visiting my Uncle it was fun to help streamline a few things. He has never been one to experiment or try new foods. However, I was able to introduce him to at least one–pineapple.

I said, “Ok, is it the pineapple taste that you don’t like or the pulp?”

“The pulp.”

Ah-ha!  That is typical. I have, so far have not met anyone who did not like the pineapple taste itself, just the texture. I make a fruit punch out of 100% pineapple juice, 100% grape juice, and a couple of freshly squeezed lemons (a friend tried the punch and decided that she liked pineapple after all). Anyway, I took a fresh pineapple and juiced it. My uncle actually liked it. If you have never had fresh-juiced pineapple, you are in for a treat. It comes out very creamy.

My mom had one small watermelon left in her garden and picked it before the frost got it. Being that my Uncle’s garden is full of tomatoes and tomatoes are now a complete avoid for him, my mother gave him her last watermelon. There is talk that next year he will plant all watermelons in his tomato patch.

A new, young look

Perhaps the most interesting development is his hair color. It is changing from white, back to his original color! My Aunt says that the hair on his head looks like it has been touched up at a salon. His two-day’s growth beard is coming in all dark again. While she was still in Alaska, somewhere near the end of July, they took a picture of my uncle in his tomato patch showing off his tomatoes. His hair was very white. We are not exactly sure what is causing it to do this. One of the products or the diet itself?

My Aunt, whose hair is totally white, said, “Whatever he’s taking, I need it!”

Making spelt bread

My Aunt is my Uncle’s sister, not his wife (he lost his wife 5 years ago). She made bread for the first time in her life. Single, never-married, she has never found baking her strength.

While there, I had made some spelt bread for them using the recipe out of Cook Right 4 Your Type. They had been purchasing spelt bread at roughly $6 a loaf. That’s crazy! Although the recipe is for a bread maker, it’s quite simple to do it conventionally. She accidentally doubled the yeast, though, and called me the next day, saying, “Do you remember that clip of I Love Lucy and the day she made bread?”

“Yeah?” I said, not sure what she was going to tell me next. You just never know with her.

“Well, I called 911 to get the loaf of bread out of the oven!”

It was the lightest loaf of spelt bread she had ever had! She took a slice down to my mother, proud of her accomplishments (in spite of the mistake). My Uncle, the texture guy, was glad that he no longer had to buy it at $6 a loaf!

My Aunt is going back to Alaska soon. It will be a real accomplishment if Uncle can make this bread on his own. That, I wish I could see!

Full steam ahead

Being that she is leaving again soon, they were wintering her place. Making sure that the roof was OK, flushing water lines, putting in anti-freeze, setting traps for critters, etc.  Uncle is working along beside her as if nothing is wrong and there is no cancer.

How to Get Acidophilus

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Yogurt is not the only source of acidophilus. Acidophilus comes naturally in fresh fruits and vegetables such as carrots. This gives us just one more reason to eat enzyme-rich fresh produce.

Why do we need acidophilus supplements?

This bacterium dies easy. Eating junky, toxic foods can wipe out healthy bacteria. Antibiotics will also kill much or perhaps all the friendly bacteria in your intestines. Any time a person has taken medication and antibiotics, he or she should follow-up with a regimen of live acidophilus powder for at least a week. To keep the delicate balance of these good bacteria, we should not live on processed food, preserved food, carbonated beverages, and lattes. Raw, fresh foods keep your good bacteria alive, and as a side effect help you live a little longer and happier, too.

House of Nutrition

How do you take acidophilus?

Get the live product. I know scientists tell us they have technology capable of stabilizing strains of acidophilus, but I choose the real thing. Like most things you ingest, take this in its most natural form possible: alive. Live strains of acidophilus need refrigeration. If you go to buy an acidophilus product from your local health food store, look in the refrigerated section, not the supplements aisle.

We always buy the bottles of powdered acidophilus. Measure it out with a teaspoon or tablespoon into your glass of 100% juice (we use pure pineapple or grape juice). I actually mix the acidophilus powder right into a glass of water or sprinkle it over a salad, watermelon slice, or grapefruit half. It has a light taste on the chalky-sweet side of the palate. Your children will not notice it in any drink or food (as long as they do not see you hide it there).

There are a few other strains of probiotics like acidophilus beneficial to some people—but they do not work for everyone. According to the Right for Your Type concepts taught by Dr. D’Adamo, some of these additional bacteria strains will work against one blood type and for another. To learn more about the genotype strategy for life management, go here and get the book Change Your Genetic Destiny.

What should you not take with acidophilus?

Since acidophilus is alive, do not take it with killing things. Antibiotics, of course, will kill off your good bacteria. If you are taking high doses of a garlic supplement, grapefruit seed extract, iodine, or colloidal silver, take your acidophilus as a follow-up routine once you finish these products. Also, do not take this bacteria powder in a hot beverage, as the temperature will kill it.

Just for the record, frozen yogurt has no benefit with healthy, live acidophilus. Many commercially sweetened and flavored yogurts do not have enough live bacteria to be worth anything either. If you want to take acidophilus in yogurt, find an organic product without flavor or sweetener. The best source of acidophilus we have found is NOW’s live, powdered acidophilus available here.

How Acidophilus Works

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Those asking, “What is acidophilus?” have a variety of pleasant surprises ahead. Our family has found this friendly bacterium to help overcome staph infections, strep throat, abscessed teeth, an abscessed ulceration of the cornea, flu and stomach viruses, colds, whooping-cough, tetanus, botulism, and salmonella. We have found those uses in addition to the commonly known effects of acidophilus in reducing gas and bloating, stomach cramps, indigestion, gut rot, constipation, and acid reflux. A very popular Dentist Chandler has said it can really help to strengthen your gums and reduce bad breath. Certainly, we could go on about dozens of other reasons you need these bacteria in your body.

What does acidophilus do?

Acidophilus works to build a healthy flora in your intestines. Most people who know about acidophilus think it only serves the purpose of aiding digestion. However, your whole life depends on your ability to digest food. People would not have to take so many vitamins and minerals if they could adequately access the God-given nutrients locked up in the whole foods we can eat. A poor digestive system will not access the healing properties of most foods. L. acidophilus bacteria, however, works with your body to digest the food you eat.

Scientists think of your gut as your second brain. People with sluggish digestive systems have sluggish minds. People with healthy bacteria in their intestines will thrive with alertness and endurance as they put to use the miracle nutrients in natural food.

What does acidophilus do for disease?

As we add content about diseases and sicknesses we have conquered, we will explain the dosages we use for certain symptoms. Often we use a whole tablespoon of acidophilus three times per day until the condition improves. We have taken this much for over a week at times for serious situations. Once, my wife had to take one tablespoon (12 billion CFU’s) every hour.

Think of disease as bad armies invading your body. When you take probiotics, such as acidophilus, you are deploying good armies to fight off the bad. My wife’s aunt beat of a horrible Candida-like yeast infection with high doses of acidophilus and a couple other supplements. We will not tell you how much to take, but from experience we know what works for us. Our midwife, a chiropractor, and a few other informed people have helped educate us on the disease-fighting properties of lactobacillus acidophilus. Post your experiences in the comment section below; we would love to know how this bacterium has made your life better.

What is the best kind of acidophilus?

We have tried several brands and have found NOW Foods’ acidophilus to be the best product for the money. Put it in the fridge as soon as you get it (it will survive the shipping time until then). We usually buy a dozen bottles at a time. We have found this to be one of the most useful health products for fighting a lot of issues with our children and ourselves. We have shopped around and found one of the lowest prices for acidophilus and all the other top-quality NOW Food products right here.

Uncle’s continual progress

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

September 26, 2010

My uncle had a late dinner. He ate some beets, which under the normal circumstances, a diabetic should not do, especially that late at night. Instead of his sugar being high, the next morning he tested in the upper 70’s!

September 30, 2010

My uncle saw the Coumadin doctor again, who still did not believe that it was possible for his levels to be where they are without the use of drugs. He’s to return again in two weeks. Every day his sugar test looks better and better.

October 9-12, 2010

Columbus Day weekend we were able to see my uncle for the first time since he found out he had cancer (we live about 1500 miles away). We attended the fair in Sandwich, NH, and as much as he wanted to cheat and buy a hamburger, he did not. It took great discipline to avoid all that wonderful smelling food. Maybe fried food does not tempt everybody, but it does him.

We came back to the family campgrounds for a wonderful turkey dinner my aunt had started before we left. I had brought along some green beans from our garden and added it to the meal.

I enjoyed seeing all the paper work with his diet. The details of the SWAMI are awesome. They list all the foods for defeating cancer as well as the foods that cause it to grow. I helped answer some of his questions about the diet and smooth out a few details.

The castor oil compress fascinated me the most because anyone can and should do this.  Buy cold-pressed castor oil so it does not go rancid and soak a piece of pure cotton or pure wool in it. Warm the cloth and lay it across your abdomen. Place a piece of plastic wrap on top of it and cover it with a heat pad or hot water bottle. Keep it on for an hour.

This castor oil compress can help cure:


Uterine fibroids

Ovarian cysts (non-malignant)

Elevated liver enzymes

Irritable bowel syndrome

Ulcerated colitis

Crohn’s disease

esophageal reflux

Gall bladder inflammation

Gall stones



Inflamed joints

Low white blood cell count from chemotherapy

Overall improvement
My Uncle looks excellent—as good as or better than he did a year ago. One would never know he is battling cancer. You do not need to suffer for years with cancer. You can live a normal life, as your body fights it off naturally. You do not have to be sick and throwing up from the time you of diagnosis until remission, or death.

The last evening there, my uncle’s son came over for a few moments. They were talking about whether cheating at the fair would have been a good idea or not. My cousin was quick to chime in, “No, Dad, don’t cheat.” I was glad to see that my uncle has good support from close family as he goes with alternative medicine and the genotype diet.

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