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What is WiFly?

Monday, June 24th, 2013

by DJ Koren
Deejays and technology aficionados are now asking “What is WiFly” and “What are WiFly lights?” WiFly lights, made by American DJ, are wireless, LED effect lights. Operating on a built in lithium battery, Wifly lights last eight to ten hours without a power cable! This means you can do a quick set up anywhere in minutes without having to try to hide ugly cables. What a safety break as well!
Here’s a fun video I put together to explain and show what WiFly does.
What is WiFly?

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What are WiFly lights?

Wifly lights operate with a wireless DMX transmitter and controller. (DMX is the system for controlling lights of many different types.) The wireless DMX WiFly controller can reach up to 500 feet without the use of DMX cable. WiFly lights can also be controlled with a remote.

What styles of WiFly lights are available?What is WiFly? This American DJ LED bar light operates off an 8-hour batter and a wireless DMX controller

They have RGBA Quad color, which in English terms RGBA means Red Green Blue and Amber, with RGBA you can mix these colors to gather and make any color in the world. Quad color means all four colors in one led, and with quad color you have nice smooth color mixing.

What are WiFly lights? This par light can be set up anywhere and opperated remotely.

What is WiFly good for?

Brian Redd, with American DJ, did a test to see how long it took to set up WiFly vs. normal lights that use electric cords and DMX cables. He set up two WiFly light bars and two pars (a circular light fixture, like a flood light). It took 56 seconds to put up the WiFly lights. It took over three minutes to set up the conventional lights.
Consider these uses:
•    Wall wash
•    Stage lighting
•    Special effects
•    Impromptu event
•    Production studio
You can turn any room—or any corner of a room—into a stage in minutes. Use these lights for a wall wash, hang them on a truss, or let your creativity go wild with American DJ’s breakthrough technology of WiFly lights. Now, you know what to tell the next person who asks you “What is WiFly?”




Friday, January 21st, 2011

If you are thinking of starting your own website, I have two words for you: BlueHost and WordPress. A lot of homesteaders, health nuts, and homeschoolers want a site and ask, “How do I get started with a website?” Some want to blog, others want to start an online business. You can do both very easily.

Why I like BlueHost.

These people are great. Not only does the cost beat almost all the competition, the services do more than I need. For free, I can do all the email and auto-responders I want. I also do not have to pay extra for Attracta which has helped me get ranked way up in Google on some of my sites (google “Devotions with Dad” and you will see my site in the top few listings).

Bluehost and a SEO company helped me learn how to get started with a website and I’ve learned a lot just experimenting with the many services they offer. They also give me access to statistics in incredible detail. I can see how many computers have visited my site, how long they stayed, and how many pages they viewed. I can check what keywords are bringing visitors in from the search engines, or if they come from video games sites where they got csgo boosting or other services online.

With one click, I can install WordPress on any domain I own and on any sub-domain I choose. If I wish to create a new sub-domain, I can do so at no extra cost. For example:

Here’s some of what BlueHost supports:

  • Apache
  • FrontPage
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Trendy Site Builder
  • MySQL

Why I like WordPress

It is free. It is powerful. Now, they tell me the best thing is Joomla, but I do not have the time to learn all that stuff (BlueHost does offer it as a free installation, too). WordPress can get you up and running in a day—all you have to do is add content. I add a page or a couple posts everyday and have yet to complain about the process. Looking back, I’m amazed at how much I have learned since I got started building websites.

I took a class in website development and found it all very complicated and confusing—and that was using DreamWeaver, a top line website program from Adobe. WordPress, however, offers all kinds of great templates that are way better than anything I could dream up in DreamWeaver.

Easily upload video, audio, and documents to share with your visitors. Type and edit your content in the administration panel. Manage your comments with the free plugin Akismet, and keep your content findable with SEO Ultimate (search engine optimization). I also highly recommend Jolliprint for pages you want users to able to save as a .pdf or print off. Choose from a thousand themes to match your needs or personality. If you have $60 to spare, you can get access to unlimited downloads on over 5,000 themes, too.

Other web services I recommend

I picked up a free account with Google Adsense which gives me about a $1 every time someone clicks on a Google link. The ads match the page’s content or the users interests.

For blogs people want to receive by email, I use FeedBurner. This free service from Google helps me manage my subscribers and even add Adsense to the feed. This, of course, works with RSS and Atom feed readers—which I find many more people using than the email.

Commission Junction is another great free tool if you want to make some money through affiliate marketing. However, you will need a lot of traffic before you actually get anyone clicking through and buying stuff.

If you are selling your own products or services, sign up for a free account with Paypal. This finance management product works well with eBay.

Anyway, there are all my strings and props. Click here: BlueHost to get off and running. If you have any other suggestions or ideas on how to get started with a website, please add them in the comment box.

How Do You Get Rid of Roaches?

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Years ago, we fought a losing roach battle for many months. Finally, we got rid of cockroaches for good. Short of burning the house down, we could not figure out what to do. We found two things very effective for exterminating the roach population living in our mobile home: diatomaceous earth and a poison gel.

Get rid of roaches with gel poison

You can get rid of roaches quickly if you get serious about the problem when you see the first one. Of course, seeing one roach indicates that you probably already have a hundred. After trying all the products in the pest-killing department, we found a paste poison made by Combat. It comes in a little tube (like a small caulking tube or a big syringe). Squeeze this poison gel in little cracks and crevices where roaches like to build their nests. When they pick this stuff up, they bring it back to the nest and everybody dies. Roaches love it and you can kill of a whole nest quickly.

If that was the only nest in your home, you are now roach free. If you have had roaches for a while, look for more roach nests in any area where there is warmth: around LED lights in microwaves and coffee makers, in vent hoods, under refrigerators, under sinks, buy water heaters and washrooms, and in bathrooms. They will usually set up house within a short distance to a water supply. If you have leaks or standing water anywhere, get rid of it. We had to go through two or three tubes of the Combat roach gel until we defeated our invaders.

Keep rid of cockroaches with diatomaceous earth

This stuff deserves its own blog post. Diatomaceous earth is a white powder full of microscopic razor blades (it comes from a sea creature formation). It will not hurt you unless you inhale it, but it is bloody murder for roaches. When they and other insects walk across the diatomaceous earth, they will get cut up and “bleed” out their body fluids. You will know it is working when you see slow crawling roaches and dead ones lying in the middle of your floor.

Use this to get rid and stay free of roaches for a long time by simply sprinkling the powder anywhere a roach might travel. Pull out your refrigerator and other large appliances and sprinkle this evenly on the floor. No need to heap it up, just give a light dusting. Spread it up onto mopboards and wall trim (if it will not be seen). Sprinkle this liberally under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. If you are building a home, sprinkle it on all your subflooring and inside the framed walls so you never have a bug problem. You might even be able to sprinkle this under your home or around the parameter for the house. You can find diatomaceous earth at some pool supply stores and our local feed store sells it in 50 pound bags.

Now you know how to get rid of roaches when you combine the use of Combat cockroach gel and diatomaceous earth. Live free of ugly bugs.

More on Mr. Itaru’s Special Blend Green Tea

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Grown and produced in Japan, we are honored and delighted to offer this exceptional product, Mr. Itaru’s Special Green Tea Blend, “Gen Mai Cha”. The secret to getting great health benefits from green tea comes down to a single, simple concept…use the highest quality green tea leaves in order to maximize consumption of health promoting compounds. The search to provide the finest green tea to our patients at D’Adamo Naturopathic Associates culminated with our finding this special green tea. “Gen Mai Cha” literally translates as brown rice tea. It is a traditional favorite in Japan and combines toasted brown rice with the finest premium green tea leaves.

The history of green tea in Japan begins with the introduction of tea by Zen Buddhist monks in the 9th century. Because of its relative scarcity, only monks, members of the imperial court, and eventually, wealthy landowners were able to enjoy this prized beverage. The famous Japanese “tea ceremonies” evolved as a means of sharing this exclusive beverage. In the 18th century, novel processing and growing methods resulted in the introduction of green tea and its spread into all corners of Japanese society.

Green tea is actually the same plant as its more well-known cousin black tea; however, special processing retains a far greater antioxidant profile in green tea leaves, resulting in a far and away superior beverage for supporting health. Numerous scientific studies now document the tremendous benefits of drinking green tea. Some of the numerous health benefits of green tea include:

  • Green tea provides powerful antioxidant polyphenols (estimated as 25X the antioxidant activity of vitamin E and 100X that of vitamin C)
  • It promotes growth of friendly intestinal bacteria
  • Green Tea decreases toxic bowel metabolites (like polyamines)
  • Promotes cardiovascular health, prevents blood cell aggregation and improves cholesterol metabolism
  • Inhibits toxin and carcinogen producing enzymes like ornithine decarboxylase
  • Epidemiological evidence suggests regular consumption of green tea reduces the risk of many cancers

Mr. Itaru’s Blend is mildly caffeinated, but it is important to realize that many of the anti-cancer properties of green tea are lost if it is de-caffeinated.


When making green tea it is not necessary or desirable to use boiling water. Moderately warm to hot water is best. Tea leaves should be placed in the water for about 30 seconds (45 seconds at the longest) and removed. Superior quality green tea should look light green when prepared in this manner.

The Best Printer

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

For the best laser printer, you will have to try the Okidata. Walking through an office supply store, I started pushing the demo button on all the printers. I was just tire kicking, not planning to buy anything. Then I pushed it—the big red button on the Okidata printer. Out came a shiny picture of paint cans. I was shocked. This laser printer put out a photo quality picture on normal paper. I could not believe the glossy quality from such a common-looking printer. I pushed the button again to be sure it was not just a fluke. I decided I had to have it.
That day was seven years ago. I have only grown to love my Okidata glossy printer through the years. I have printed hundreds of thousands of pages, labels, booklets, and books on this machine. It has paid for itself many times over and boosted my public image at the same time. You see why I think the Oki color printers are the best laser printers in the business.

So we’ll even compare gas prices uk for you because we know you’ve probably got more than enough admin in your inbox already. It’s all part of the service.

After trying a few toner refill companies, I gave up on cheap refills. Then I found These people make toner refilling a noble profession. With their perfectly-matched toner, I get the same great printouts for less than a penny per page. The refill process is a snap with the Okidata glossy color laser printers. I also rebuild my own toner drum units, too. sells the drums for this printer, and they last longer than the original drums from Oki.

I had owned my Oki printer a few months when I realized my need for a duplexing unit. I bought the optional duplexer so I could print on both sides of the page (essential for booklets and trifolds). I suggest you save a little money by purchasing your printer with a built-in duplexer.
The letters on the Oki model number tell everything. Take my Oki c5150dn for example. The letter C stands for “color.” The D stands for “duplexing” (printing on both sides). The N stands for “networking” so you can hook it up to a server and print from several computers, even if this computers are also used for video games like Overwatch with the help of different boosting sites online with different prices which you can check at sites like

Sizes and options
If you are printing for regular use, try the Okidata C6150dn or the Oki C5550n in the $600-700 range. For daily use, look into the Oki C5650dn in the $1000-1500 range. Most people will settle for something like the Okidata C6150dn, a great multipurpose unit that prints up to legal size (8.5 by 14) and does card stock and envelopes, too.

If you are doing industrial grade printing all the time, plan on spending $2000 or so. This Oki C830n unit prints tabloids and banners:

Okidata Corporation - Oki C830N Color Led Printer - Color Led - 32 Ppm Mono - 30 Ppm Color - 1200 X 600 Dpi - Usb, Network, Parallel - Fast Ethernet - Pc, Mac Okidata Corporation – Oki C830N Color Led Printer – Color Led – 32 Ppm Mono – 30 Ppm Color – 1200 X 600 Dpi – Usb, Network, Parallel – Fast Ethernet – Pc, Mac

the Compact And Affordable C830 Series Printers From Oki Printing Solutions Deliver Tabloid And Banner Size Sheets N Breathtaking Color. They Are The Best Value For Your Print Speeds, Color Output At Up To 30 Ppm Monochrome At Up To 32 Ppm .*Brand Name: Oki [U43290] UPC: 051851181813 UNSPC: 43212105 23L x 30W x 19H 99 LB 1 Cubes

Okidata Corporation - Oki C5550N Multifunction Printer - Color Led - 32 Ppm Mono - 20 Ppm Color - 1200 X 600 Dpi - Copier, Scanner, Printer - Fast Ethernet Okidata Corporation – Oki C5550N Multifunction Printer – Color Led – 32 Ppm Mono – 20 Ppm Color – 1200 X 600 Dpi – Copier, Scanner, Printer – Fast Ethernet

the C5550n Multifunction Printer From Oki Printing Solutions Is A Truly Integrated Color-and-mono Device That Can Print, Copy, Scan And Fax. It Will Satisfy The High-volume Demands Of A Busy Office Environment, Bringing Greater Productivity And Cost-savings To Your’s Perfect For Small To Medium Workgroups, Delivering Color Or Black & White Documents Quickly And Efficiently, Along With 4-in-1 Multifunctionality And Real Value For Your Investment. The C5550n Mfp Is Designed To Increase Your Pace And Improve Your Image.*Additional Information:custom Media Size: 4.1 inch X 5.8 inch To 8.5 inch X 14 inch[OKI62428701] UPC: 051851091587 UNSPC: 43212110 82 LB

Okidata Corporation - Oki C6150Dn Led Printer - Color Led - 32 Ppm Mono - 26 Ppm Color - 1200 X 600 Dpi - Usb, Parallel, Network - Fast Ethernet - Pc, Mac Okidata Corporation – Oki C6150Dn Led Printer – Color Led – 32 Ppm Mono – 26 Ppm Color – 1200 X 600 Dpi – Usb, Parallel, Network – Fast Ethernet – Pc, Mac

digital Color Printers From Oki Printing Solutions Deliver More Than Brilliant Output At Best-in-class Speeds. The C6150dn Printer Also Gives You Control Over The Quality Of Your Output, The Degree Of Your Security, And The Extent Of Your Printing Costs.*Additional Information:custom Media Sizes:

  • main Tray: 4.1 inch X 5.8 inch – 8.5 inch X 14 inch
  • multi-purpose Tray: 3 inch X 5 inch – 8.5 inch X 48 inch
  • [Q54563] UPC: 051851181127 UNSPC: 43212105 30L x 22W x 19H 73 LB 1 Cubes

    Okidata Corporation - Oki C5650Dn Led Printer - Color Led - 26 Ppm Mono - 22 Ppm Color - 1200 X 600 Dpi - Usb, Network - Fast Ethernet - Pc, Mac Okidata Corporation – Oki C5650Dn Led Printer – Color Led – 26 Ppm Mono – 22 Ppm Color – 1200 X 600 Dpi – Usb, Network – Fast Ethernet – Pc, Mac

    for Small Workgroups Demanding Superior Quality At An Affordable Price, Oki Printing Solutions Brings You The C5650dn Digital Color Printers. Network-ready, They Combine Fast Printing Speed, Incredible Print Quality, The Ability To Print On A Wide Variety Of Media, And The Legendary Reliability Of Oki Printing Solutions Products Backed By Industry-leading Support.*Additional Information:custom Media Sizes:

  • main Tray 4.1 inch X 5.8 inch – 8.5 inch X 14 inch
  • multi-purpose Tray 3 inch X 5 inch /8.5 inch X 48 inch
  • [Q54554] UPC: 051851181639 UNSPC: 43212105 21L x 28W x 18.5H 73.4 LB 6.82 Cubes

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